Welcome to the Owners Club for Dehler Yachts

Welcome to Dehler Yachts Owners Club. Dehler is a well-established name in Europe and throughout the rest of the world. The name stands for quality, and performance, but especially for ‘easy handling’. Furthermore, Dehler is also the picture of innovation. For example, Dehler introduced the central winch system (CWS), the self-tacking jib and various other innovations which are also now used regularly by other yacht builders. Dehler has a factory in Germany and has been a builder of sporty, solid sailing boats since the 1940’s. The performance of these yachts is very remarkable, as witnessed by the numerous prizes that have been won all over the world.

Dehler Owners is a site for those discerning yachtsmen and yachtswomen who own, or aspire to own, a Dehler yacht. The purpose is to extend enjoyment of the ownership of these wonderful yachts through sharing the experience of both sailing and maintaining them.

We have enjoyed fifteen happy years with our Dehler 37 and look forward to many more. During this time we have cruised the Channel, Channel Islands and the north coast of France. We have made some additions to our yacht and would be happy to share our experiences with others. It would be great to hear from those who have experience of sailing Dehler yachts in distant climes.

We have found that some spare parts on older Dehlers are difficult to identify and source – we are happy to research required items and establish a fund of knowledge here for others to share. Please email us with any queries and comments or use the forum page to develop a discussion on any related topic.

We are independent of Dehler UK and receive no support from them.

Happy sailing.