The new Dehler 47: comfortable, competitive and easy to sail

Dehler Yachts have taken some big steps forward. No less than eight ‘feet’ to be exact. With the introduction of the Dehler 47, the German yacht builder continues the successful line of the Dehler 34, Dehler 36 and Dehler 39. These are a generation of sailing yachts that are a cut above the rest and prove that a comfortable yacht can be extremely fast and that a fast yacht can be surprisingly comfortable. The new Dehler 47 is not an exception.

Design issues that, until recently, stood in the way of this class and size of yacht, are now being combined in a majestic way within this boat. The sail plan, combined with the underwater profile, guarantees the formula for being a winner. The comfort factor of the yacht is not decided by Dehler, but by the customers themselves. This is why we use a ‘semi custom-build production process, which can be highly influenced by the customer themselves.

The success of Dehler, especially with the new models Dehler 34, 36 and 39 is based on the unique winning combination of cruising and performance potential. When the question was raised if this successful recipe could be applied to a bigger sailing yacht, we knew immediately to what demands the design would have to answer and our house designers, Judel / Vrolijk & Co, then produced the design for the Dehler 47.

With the new Dehler 47, Dehler ventures itself into a new market where the field of 47 footers needs more than a good reputation to rely on. Introducing the Dehler 47, which fills the gap between custom-built and mass produced yachts. This way the customer can be sure to handle their yacht easily whilst at the same time being able to win regattas. To this end Dehler have produced another unique sailing yacht that is comfortable, competitive and easy to sail.

The standard equipment for the Dehler 47 has some unique characteristic features.
A tender can be stored away in a large aft lazarette. This can be accessed by the transom flap, which also serves as a bathing platform. Another special feature is the foldout anchor system. Different interiors can also be provided in the saloon area. The cabin sizes are very large and the design also includes two bathrooms. Just like all other Dehlers, the Dehler 47 is equipped with the Dehler patented entrance system, lockable from in and outside. And of course Dehler’s patented Central Winch System is also available. Truly special, and a key issue in the quality of Dehler Yachts, is the bonding and lamination of hull and deck to create an integrated, homogeneous structure. This production process is both complicated and expensive, which is why Dehler Yachts have built up such a good reputation for quality and longevity.

Technical details Dehler 47:

Design Judel / Vrolijk & Co
Construction Dehler Segelyachten GmbH

Loa 14,28 m (46’10’’)
Lwl 12,60 m (41’4’’)
Beam 4,20 m (14’)
Draft 2,45 m (8’)
Dspl 12,5 t (27 500 ibis)
Ballast ca. 5,0 t (11 000 ibis)

I : 19,80 m (65’)
J: 5,47 m (18’)
P: 19,10 m (62’8’’)
E: 6,25 m (20’6’’)

Mainsail ca. 73,2 m2 (788 sqft.)
100% H.A. foc 54,1 m2 (582 sqft.)
Genoa 106% 57,2 m2 (616 sqft.)
Genoa 140% 75,5 m2 (813 sqft.)

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